The year is 1935…

The nations of the world race towards the precipice of war at a blinding speed. Having learned none of the lessons of the Great War, rulers and ambitious men plot and scheme to create new empires and establish 1000-year reigns. However, it is on the fringes of the “civilized” world where the true fates of Emperors and F├╝hrers rests, where things supernatural and otherworldly lurk in waiting.

In all these grand powerplays and strivings for conquest, a band of unlikely allies find themselves united against a common foe. Yet even allied they are not united, as they struggle to reconcile their own motivations with that of the greater struggles happening around them. Could the fate of the world truly rest in the paws of such a motley crew?

Ragnoreich - Ties that Bind

faultie Kenjiroblade TonyCrawford